Air Duct Cleaning Benefits.

Should I get my air ducts cleaned? Yes, air ducts get very dirty.

All the dust and dirt you vacuum up is enough to make you cringe. Air duct cleaning is priority for healthy home living. Think of all the dust in your air conditioner. Do you change your furnace filter monthly? Think of all the dust trapped in that. Well air ducts can hold be a hot spot.

Top factors for needing system cleaning.

  • Pets
  • Home remodeling
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Water contamination or damage to the HVAC system
  • Family members with allergies

Children and elderly are affected with poor air quality. Some people just have allergies that no matter what you do it will never give up.

Benefits of Cleaning

A rule of thumb, if your air duct looks dirty, they probably are.” A certified HVAC company should inspect dirty air conditioners. Let us get into some more benefits of keeping that system clean.

Indoor Air Quality.

Indoor air quality is a main concern that all homeowners need to be aware of. Your heating and cooling system is the homes lungs. Being in our home naturally creates dust and dirt. If you have pets, a lot multiplies it. Using cleaning chemicals and kids coming home from school create the hostile environment that can cut air quality. Your heating and cooling system kicks on 4 to 8 times a day. That means its sucking dirty air in the filter is doing its best to clean it, it comes back out through the vents.

Just because your ducts are dirty, it does not mean you are breathing in unhealthy air. In the end, it could be a contributor to larger health issues.

Energy Saving.

On average 20 to 45 percent of the energy used for heating and cooling a home is wasted. Blockage in the HVAC system will cause it to work harder. This means the lifespan of the system will be shortened. A clean furnace filter is important; the air ducts will still get dirty through normal use. When a system is clean, it will not have to work as hard to keep your house the desired temperature. Less energy used will equate to a lower monthly energy bill.


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