Are You Pest Proof?

I got a call in November of this year. A customer said “our air conditioner is bug infested what do I do?” We work so hard to keep our house clean. Are you pest proof? We do all we can to keep it clean but the pest slips the cracks. These days we know that HVAC systems create a nice moist environment for critters. If you let them thrive instead of ridding, they decide to tear your home apart. Like a lot of places in the Midwest, St. Charles offers all 4 seasons. So the humidity kills us then in the winter we do not see a bug for miles. We are going to talk about pest proofing your home.

Bugs in my home

Having a proper pest proof control system is great but you need to make sure your heating and cooling system is also pest proof. The system creates a lot of spots that pest can live in and thrive. This can cause major problems down the road. By pest proofing your air conditioner, you can keep pests out of your home and business. Lets not limit it to bugs, raccoons, squirrels and birds can also cause major problems.

Pest Problems With HVAC

We see pests enter a home for all kinds of reasons. The air conditioner provides a hot bed for these pests. When your system is not running correct you might have too much humidity in your home and that creates a war zone for pests.

Health Problems

Having pest in your HVAC system can put you at risk for serious health problems.

  • Pesticides that have been used to treat bugs.
  • Pests are common allergens. Every time your furnace kicks on it is blowing the scent of these pests. If you have someone who has bad allergy’s this can surely irritate them.
  • Yes even bugs poop. Think about breathing that in everyday.

Indoor Air Quality.

Bugs inside your system can lead to efficiency issues. If your HVAC system is not running properly, it can cause the air quality to drop.

How Do I Pest Proof My HVAC System?

Sealing your Air ducts is the first step. You want to make sure you do not have any gaps. This is a open door with no bouncer. Having gaps can also cause you to lose efficiency and cause your utility bill to go up. Call a service contractor to come out and check out your system. It will save you money in the long run. This can also cause gaps in keeping your indoor air quality from being what it should. this will lead to health problems.

Efficient vent covers and a flue pipe. Flue pipes in a HVAC system are used to rid of products of combustion out of the furnace. This process is what the pipes do to protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Have you ever been to the gym and looked up at a air conditioner and seen black all over the cover. You are breathing in that air. Yuck.

Air Conditioning Condenser Maintenance

If you own a business you need to make sure you watch your unit. Rodents will scratch, chew and pee all over your system. not a good scene when you kick on the AC and a bird has a nest in there. The best way to avoid problems is to be on the defense. Keep the area clean around it. A good clean up can be done of the outside with soap and water. keep the system off when you go to clean it.


A little bit of elbow grease will go along way.  Live Healthy and Happy.


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