HVAC Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your System

Keep heating and cooling maintenance at the top of your mind.

We are going to discuss Heating and Cooling Maintenance tips in this page. This will help you with yearly maintenance and saving money monthly.

Have you scheduled your Heating and Cooling Maintenance appointment this spring? It is something people often forget about.  It is vital to keep your HVAC system tuned each year, this will keep you ahead of any major repairs.

Why is it important to do HVAC maintenance?

The reason we do preventative heating and Cooling Maintenance is so you can keep your HVAC system running in top shape all season long with no surprises. How often do you go in the basement and admire your system? Probably never, Do not worry not a single person does, but think about the fact that it is working for you 365 days a year.  You could have the best system the world has to offer and still have to worry about repairs. Many issues can happen when the season’s change, the pilot light going out is an important one we are sure you have heard of.

Why you should consider spring tune-ups.

  • Longer equipment life: Regular maintenance can add years to your systems life. No one wants to be replacing a system every year. It will get old very fast.
  • Fewer repairs: Simply doing a maintenance plan in the spring can also help prevent those small annoying repairs as well. A frayed belt can cause awful noises. If it is repaired in time, you will avoid a major headache of it snapping inside while running. A system that is running efficiently will likely give you less of a headache.
  • Lower energy bills: Yes, just by doing maintenance on the unit it can help you monthly. We also check your furnace filter as well. Over time a unit running with problems can cause it to run harder or longer. This will most definitely affect your monthly bill.
  • Smaller chance of a major repair: Just like your car. Doing the small things and catching them before they turn catastrophic is very important. You always change your oil and check your filter. It is the same thing with the HVAC system change the filter and keep up on the maintenance.
  • Safer equipment operation: We do not want you breathing in harmful air. We have seen some systems that have spewed out terrible things into the air. Remember the HVAC system controls what you breathe in every day and night. I do not know about you but I would rather have clean air to breathe.  We can see if the house is getting restricted airflow.  We can check the air coming out as well.

We want to keep your system running perfect. This is where we come out and we go over your entire system and check for any flaws. If we see any problems with the system, we will let you know immediately. Heating and Cooling Maintenance is always unpredictable so get a step ahead of expensive repair bills down the road.

We also offer maintenance plans as well.

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