Indoor Humidity


Humidity is the worst. Hot summer months will mean when you walk outside you are dripping water. This means inside your house can reflect the same.  Heating and Cooling is simple. We want the opposite of outside.

Top of mind should be the humidity in your home. Sleep can turn into a night mare when you go lay down and your sheets are sticky and wet. if you are having trouble with humidity, ac repair shouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind. There is many things you can do to fix this.


Normally, you would want to keep your home humidity above 25% relative. 35% to 50% is even better.
Ac Humidity O'Fallon, MoKeeping moisture levels in your home will also ensure that all heating and cooling components are working at the best levels. If you have your home to the optimal humidity level your home will feel just perfect.

Remember humidity can be the difference between comfort and misery. High humidity can be bad for people with breathing problems and respiratory disorders. Your home will not like you if you have a lot of humidity as well. electronics,wood,metals and anything else just doesn’t work good in water.


Does My Air Conditioner Remove Humidity?

Well, removing harmful moisture  is the main function of your air conditioner. Although your  system might not be enough to get rid of all of the moisture that comes in your home.

Maintaining humidity levels throughout the year will ensure you have the most comfort at needed times.

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Warm air will hold moisture and make humidity higher. The cold weather contains less water so the humidity is lower.

How Do I Lower Humidity Levels?

The best way to fix humidity levels is to install a humidification system. This gives you control of the humidity instead of relying on other sources to correct it.


How Do I Increase Humidity In My Home?

  1. Using a humidifier allows you to adjust the humidity on the fly. it will be the most direct and effective way.
  2. Put bowls of water around your house. This will help get moisture into your air.
  3. Yes you can boil water on the stove. This will add lots of humidity into your home as the water evaporates. turn your fan on low and help it circulate.
  4. Using clothes from the washer will help increase moisture in the home as well.

I know these are not the brightest ideas but they are fixes to increase the moisture.


Can I Have a Perfect Humidity Level?

Depending on where you live Will make a big difference. We are located in St. Charles, Mo. We experience terrible humidity. You wake up in the summer and walk outside and you are covered in wet. There is many things in your home that can affect the humidity.  During the winter keeping your home around 68 degrees with good humidity will keep you comfortable.

The size of a system will have an effect on the humidity as well. Having a customer designed solution from your local hvac contractor will make all the difference in the world.



Live Healthy, Live Happy.

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