How Often Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

Six important tips to help you with heating and cooling maintenance.

Temperatures are warming, which means it is time for us to rely on our Cooling system to keep us comfortable during the spring and summer months. During the warm months, your system is working its hardest to keep you at a stable temperature. So the question becomes how often should I change my furnace filter?

It is very important to check and change your filters regularly. It will keep the air clean and safe. Depending on the kind of filter you use and other factors can determine how clean the air can get. Most of the time it is recommend changing the filter on the system every three months. If you recently built a new house, it might be a good idea to change the filter every month. That depends on if construction is still going on around the house.


Things to consider:

Do you have pets? Pet dander can speed up how often you need to change the filter. Pets come in and out of the house all day long. This is a very important reason to have a great filter to catch that funk throughout the day.

Do you smoke? Does someone smoke that lives in the house? Smoking can be another reason to change the filter quite often. Some can clog up a filter just as fast as anything can. The Air Sponge Filter Company  has a wonderful video on this. Please check it out.

Size of the filter- I know this sounds silly if you system calls for a 20x25x1 then get that exact size. Having a size to small or big can cause your system to run inefficiently.

What kind of filter should I use? Choosing a filter in an important question. Normally standard fiberglass should be changed monthly I would stay away from these. An expensive allergen filter sounds great. I know you want to block the world out from breathing it in. The thing is we cannot. A filter can be too restrictive, this can cause your system to run harder, and longer this will only cause you more problems in the end.  Depending on the quality of air in the house. Using a permanent washable filter needs to be cleaned meticulously and fully dried once a month?

What is the big deal can’t I just keep the same furnace filter? Do I really have to change it? People do not take this important question seriously. Remember that filter is what stands between you and toxic air. It is an important factor in the quality of air and how well the furnace operates. Day in and day out that filter is catching things that can be harmful for you to breath. Over time that filter will be clogged up with toxins. This can restrict the airflow to your system and cause it to run longer and harder. This will cause rising in your monthly billing and Costly repairs long term.


Anyone who has lived in St. Charles knows that the weather here changes all the time. The things we breathe outside can be just as bad as what we are breathing indoors.


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