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Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

Feb 15, 2019

Your AC is blowing but it isn’t blowing cold air. We hear this common question in St. Charles,  Mo. “Why isn’t my air conditioner cooling my home?” The most common cause is simply a lack of airflow. One of the first steps is going to your circuit breaker and flip it off. Give it a few minutes and let it rest. Flip it back on and see if you have noticed any change in your air. The idea behind this is to give it a reset. You are shutting all the electrical and mechanical parts down. Hopefully, by doing this simple step it reset for you.

AC Not Blowing Cold Air

If your AC isn’t working properly, it’s important to know the cause. In this blog, we will troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing in your home!

Outside Air Conditioner Not Turning On.

If your outside unit is not turning on this could be a big problem. You should first check your fuse box and make sure that you have not blown a fuse. This seems like it would be out of the ordinary and you are right. It normally isn’t the problem but kids flip breakers having fun all the time and sometimes they just overload.

No Cold Air? No Problem Can Help.

Common Issues You May Experience With Your AC

Power Issues

This is generally your first thought to check. It seems basic but it is so common you just have to check. You should check the ac and make sure you are still plugged in. While you are at it go yo your electric panel and still if it has been flipped or broke. If you had a surge of power it could have flipped the breaker without you knowing.

Clogged Filter

We have seen AC units that will shut down the entire system when the filter gets dirty. This is a simple trick to help save your motor and help save your entire system. When you have a clogged filter, you will notice the system gets backed up and the ac will have trouble breathing.

Thermostat Problems

Barring any electrical issues,  the next step is to check your thermostat. Many things can go wrong with a traditional thermostat. If you haven’t looked into a digital thermostat yet, the time is now.

Clogged Drain

The whole idea behind an air conditioner is to remove that moisture from the air. Once the air is removed, it drains it out of a pipe or hose. It is very important to replace those or keep them clean. You can rinse it out with a natural cleaning solution.

Dirty Compressor

Your compressor is a high ticket item and it should be treated like so! You should try to clean around the area. Some folks in colder areas in St. Charles like to cover it for the winter.

Why Isn’t My Air Conditioning Not Cooling My House?

Your air conditioner has a water sensor switch for example. This will shut down if it has a clogged condensate drain line and spills water into the overflow pan. It is your Amana AC airbag deploying to prevent water damage to your home.

Like a human, your ac can overheat. This will cause it to run harder and pulling in more than enough electricity than the breaker can handle. The breaker will cut power to your air conditioner. If you flip the breaker and it does it again a few times. It is letting you know there is something wrong somewhere.

Other Possible Issues

  • You could have a bad compressor. This will need to be inspected by a licensed technician
  • There could be a low charge on your refrigerant or you have a leak
  • A broken condenser

If you cannot figure this, out or just have a simple question call us. We can make this easy for you! If you are having an issue call us as soon as you can! We’re ready to help you today.