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Air Vent Maintenance Tips

Feb 15, 2019

All About Your Vent Cover

Your vent covers are important and you need to know it! They need to be taken care of as they can affect your monthly bill. 

The vent cover will redirect the airflow from the hvac system to the area of the house you choose. A lot of time, rooms that do not get used usually end up with having the closed. Here are the different types that may be in your home. 

Magnetic Vent Cover- These are usually airtight. They can fit over the original cover. If you feel, the St Charles hvac system is running hard try one of these. 

Decorative Vent Cover– There are so many to choose from you can find them all over the web I would personally go to Majestic Vent Covers Inc. They have a beautiful vent cover to fit your needs. They also do custom vents so yes they can fit your needs.

The Basic Vent Cover– The problem we have with these is they generally do not seal well and air seeps by. 

Choose your vent cover style.

These are your three basic vents I would recommend looking into a decorative one if you are looking to spice up the house. They also make ceiling vent covers that hide your vent.

Return Air Vent Installation

This is a better method for many reasons. You have a vent in each room of your home. This allows you the option to control the air floor in the room and temperature. With more air vents in your home you achieve a neutral pressure. Remember your system is designed to create air flow so having this option means the system can still push air through your home with no headaches. 

The central location is just that. You have return vents on each of the floors. Below is a magnetic vent cover.

Air Vent Maintenance Tips

Make sure you have nothing blocking or covering your air vents. They are designed to push air out to your rooms. When one is covered it pushes that air back through the system disrupting the flow. Always keep them clean as well. You can grab your vacuum and clean each vent periodically throughout the year. This will also help with keeping your homes air quality good as well.

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