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Cost Cutting Ideas While Staying Warm

Feb 15, 2019

It is freezing outside. Imagine living in O’Fallon, Mo in the days of not having a furnace. Your trusty heater allows you to live live without having to go out to the wood shed every couple hours to stoke the fire pit. We have a few cost-cutting ideas for you. The tough part is running your furnace day and night can be costly. Imagine opening that utility bill and instead of panic you see some relief.

What are some cost-cutting ideas then?

Working to keep your utility bill low doesn’t have to be rocket science. We have learned over the years many effective saving ideas and good habits. This post is to give you some of the best strategies towards cutting your utility bill.

Annual Check-ups

Your furnace should be checked in the spring and the fall. You want to have someone come out before you kick it on for the first time. If you haven’t got it checked out yet, call someone and schedule an appointment.  A quick tune-up means your heater will be firing on all burners. They might find out they have to do a new installation or a simple wire check. Make your appointment today

Drop Your Thermostat

This probably should have been at the top. Raising your temp in your house is the exact reason why the bill goes up. Try wearing warmer clothes around the house. This is guaranteed to start saving you money immediately.

Digital Thermostat

A digital thermostat will allow you to control your home’s temperature anywhere you want. You can set it to kick off while you are at work and kick on when you get home. It is a great way to save money this year.

Use your Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan in the winter time is a great way to save money. You have to switch the fan to the other direction. You will want to run it on a low speed to create a nice updraft to circulate the warm air. Remember to turn the fan off when you leave the room.


Even in the winter, the sun keeps us warm. When the sun is shining on your house open your blinds or curtains and let the windows warm. Every little bit will help. It’s also Free.

Take a look at this article on many ways to use the sun for your home

Just because it is winter you do not have to be uncomfortable. Call today and set up your appointment.