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What Homeowners Can Do to Get Ready to Use Your AC

Feb 15, 2019

Have You Turned On Your AC Yet?

Well, most folks haven’t. Are you getting ready for summer? We are going to cover a few things before you switch that lifesaver on.

I think that it is important to know how the system works. Does this matter to you probably not but it could help in the long run. The AC unit is made of 3 sections blower, condenser, and ductwork.

Do you know that big box that sits on the outside of the home that the lawnmower can’t get under? That’s your condenser. This lovely piece of metal is made to regulate thermal readings for the refrigerant also known as Freon. The condenser is vital because it pressurizes the Freon as it comes from the house and transforms this into a high-temperature liquid. Now, in this new state, it rushes back to the house where the blower takes its run at this new liquid.

This transformation to gas now entered the blower unit it becomes much cooler. The changed gas is pushed through a coil in the ductwork. The air that is blowing over the coil is cooling the air before it re-enters your house.  Then the air drawn by your blower ductwork blows through the return vents in your home. The Freon finished its work and comes back to the condenser and the cycle repeats.

A few tips to get ready for summer!

  • Inspect that filter-. Read our blog about filters and changing them. You do not want that Air conditioner to kick on and the filter is dirty and immediately causes stress on the unit. That filter can make it hard for air to pass through the system and we have seen situations in St. Charles for ice to start building on the coil. Yes, the unit will freeze.
  • Water damage- Warm air passes over the cooling coil well condensation occurs. little drops of moisture develop. Most air conditions systems have a red drain or a pan beneath the unit. A lot of systems have a pump. Some of the older homes in St Louis Mo were built before they did pumps. The pump pushes water through the pipe and into the drain once the water hits a certain level.
  • Ductwork maintenance – Check all of your vents in the house. make sure nothing has fallen. Getting ready for summer means checking everything. Have a professional come out and do yearly maintenance and have them check over everything.

Its time to kick that one because we are ready for summer.  I would recommend setting up a service plan this way it is on your HVAC contractor to take care of everything for you.

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