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Window treatments to keep heat out.

Feb 15, 2019

Pro Tips: How to keep heat out of the house with window treatments.

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The sun is out and it is heating your house when you are trying to keep it cool. We’re going to cover the best ways to keep the heat out. Summertime brings us so many wonderful things, extreme heat is not one of those things. It gets very expensive during the summer running your air conditioner, so you want to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. 

Picking out a simple pair of drapes can be huge. The (DOE) suggests that a simple set of medium-colored drapes with white plastic reduces solar heat gain by as much as 33%. 

Blinds– Interior and exterior blinds can help reduce heat while allowing light to flow in. Closed and lowered, reflective blinds are capable of reducing heat gain by 45%. Exterior blinds are the first line of defense for keeping heat out. The sun doesn’t get a chance to warm the glass up and hold heat to warm the house. 

Shades– Window shades are considered the simplest and most effective way to save energy by window treatment. Proper installation is the key to success. You want to mount them as close to the window as possible.

Awnings– Not only do they add some pizzazz to your home they also can provide a great defense against the sun. In the correct place, you can see from 60 to 75 percent reductions in solar heat. They can also trap heat underneath so we want to make sure that no walls are blocking the heat from escaping. Always try to buy a retractable awning this way you can get sunlight into the house in the winter. 

Drapes– Fabric weight and color come into play when we talk about insulating the home from solar heat gain and heat loss. Medium colored with white plastic backing can reduce that solar heat up to 33% if left closed during the summer days. As with other window treatments just the same, you want a tight seal to enhance reductions. TIP- you want the drapes to cover the entire window but also ensure you can pull them back if you want some sunlight to come in.

Roof overhang– A roof overhang is similar to an awning. The overhang will not only block heat but allow heat in the winter -TIP if you have a budget and do not like the look of an awning this is the way to go.

How To Keep House Cool In Summer Naturally

Window film– This is a tough one because often recommended for areas with short winters. This film can reduce the heat gain the entire year. The silver mirror-like film works wonderfully on large windows just like on these garages.

Window screen (mesh)– When the kitchen gets hot, let’s keep heat out. This special window screen mesh is specifically designed for Sun Control. It is the most effective way to control the Sun’s Heat and Glare. Much like a big shade tree, the exterior solar screen will help reduce your cooling costs.

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