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5 Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

Sep 27, 2019

Fall is here and it’s time to get your heating ready for the approaching winter. One of the more common heating systems you might use is a furnace. If you have one, you likely haven’t been using it for at least half the year. Also, all that inactivity may have worn down your furnace. To make sure it’ll work, we suggest calling for a furnace tune-up. You never know how healthy your furnace is after a long break, so calling for a tune-up is always a smart move.

Here are five reasons that getting a furnace tune-up is a good idea:


Determine your furnace’s health

When you get your furnace tuned-up, you’ll be able to understand how your furnace is faring. Knowing this, you’ll have a good idea on whether you need to get a furnace replacement. If you scheduled your tune-up early in the season and you choose to replace, you’ll have plenty of time to shop around for new furnaces.


Prolong your furnace’s life

Furnaces need the occasional tune-up in order to ensure they’ll work as long as possible. Ignoring the needs of your furnace will only hurt it in the long run. Also, poorly-maintained furnaces tend to break down at the worst possible moments.


Higher energy efficiency

Running a furnace to heat your home can be expensive. According to the Department of Energy, it can contribute to about half of the average homeowner’s energy bill. Fortunately, keeping your furnace in good condition can lower that percentage. A tune-up can deal with most problems that can reduce your furnace’s energy efficiency. Well-tuned furnaces use about 30% less energy than usual.


Prevent deadly gas leaks

Poorly-maintained gas furnaces can become serious dangers to you and your family. Carbon monoxide, which can be released from malfunctioning furnaces, is deadly to people and many animals. Meanwhile, badly-maintained gas furnaces can also leak flammable gasses that can start house fires if ignited.

Cheaper than major repairs

Our furnace tune-up services cost money, but they’re cheaper than major repairs for a broken furnace. During tune-up jobs, we’ll fix any small problems we find that could lead to something worse later. By doing this, we’ll protect you from a surprise breakdown and you won’t pay for a major repair.


Why is No Problem my best choice for keeping my furnace running strong?

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