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How to Shut Down Your AC for the Winter

Oct 11, 2019

October is here and we’ve gotten our furnaces ready for the incoming winter weather. But how much have you done for your air conditioner? Although you won’t be using it at all, your AC has a condenser outside that needs to be shut down before winter arrives. If you don’t give it the protection it needs, it’ll be heavily damaged and might not work when you try to use it next summer.  Ensure you’ll have a cool summer by following our step-by-step guide to protecting your AC.

Here’s how you shut down your AC for the winter:


Ensure both units are repaired

Your AC has an indoor unit and an outdoor condenser, and both should be in good condition. If you can tell one or both of them need work, give us a call to fix them up. You shouldn’t leave any issues to fester over the winter, or they can cause more serious damage down the line.


Disconnect the condenser’s power

One of the most important parts of shutting down your AC is ensuring the condenser isn’t getting any power. Even if it’s connected but turned off, a warm spell could cause it to turn on automatically. This could cause it to take damage as it sucks in ice and snow. To disconnect it, you need to shut off the air conditioner’s breaker switch, which is usually found on the side of the house or under a flip-up switch near the condenser. Keep in mind that this switch has to be turned back on next time you want to use the AC. If your AC doesn’t turn on the next time you use it, that switch may be the reason.


Clean up the condenser

With the power now disconnected, you should clean up the condenser and the area around it. You should sweep the area with a broom and clear away any debris on or around the condenser. Next, use a low-pressure spray from your hose to wash off the outside cabinet. While it dries, double-check the condenser for damage. It’s good to also see if the filter needs replacing or the seals need to be tightened by professionals.


Cover the condenser

When it dries, all that remains is to cover the condenser with a water-proof cover and tightly secure it with bungee ropes. Everything you need for that can be purchased at a local hardware store. If you have a water-proof tarp, that can work as well assuming it completely covers the condenser.


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