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Save Cash With Our Holiday Energy Tips!

Nov 29, 2019

The holiday season is upon us and many of us are readying their lights, their heat, and their and ovens to celebrate. However, the holidays can be a major contributor to your annual energy bill. Oftentimes, the holidays can be the biggest energy drain for your home. Fortunately, if you’re looking to reduce your spending over the holidays, we’re here to help. We can offer you a variety of holiday energy tips to help you save energy while still being festive. Consider these an early Christmas present from us to you.

Take a look below at our holiday energy tips for you:


More guests, less heating

Having friends and family over is one of the best parts of the holidays. Even better, they can help you reduce your heating bill. When you have lots of people in your home, their body heat can raise your home’s temperature. If you balance this increase out by turning down the thermostat before the company arrives, you can expect to save about 3% off your energy bill for every degree you drop the temperature.


Give green gifts

Does your gift list include appliances or similar electronics? Keep an eye out for appliances with the Energy Star label on them, as they’re generally the most energy-efficient models around. Similarly, consider getting rechargeable batteries instead of normal ones. While they cost more, they last longer and won’t pollute a dump when they first run out of juice.


Cook smarter, not harder

When cooking this holiday season, consider some of these useful tips:

  • Use the smallest appliance necessary, like a microwave or toaster oven, to cook your meals.
  • Cook side dishes along with main courses, such as Christmas ham. Keep in mind the temperature of the oven and how that’ll affect the cooking time for the side dishes.
  • Keep lids on and the oven door closed when cooking. Even short peeks can force your oven to work harder to maintain the proper temperature.


Unplug before vacations

When electrical devices are plugged in, they’ll continue to use small amounts of energy, even when turned off. Unplug electronics like printers, computers, and TVs before you head out on vacation.


Deck the halls with LED lights

You probably like to decorate your Christmas tree and home with lights during the winter. If you don’t have them, consider switching to LED lights. They’re much more energy-efficient, using about 10% of the energy conventional Christmas lights use. Also, they produce much less heat, making them safer to use on a Christmas tree.


Why call No Problem to handle my holiday heating problems?

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