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4 Common AC Emergencies in Missouri

Jul 15, 2020

Over the course of its life, your AC will likely have a variety of mechanical issues. However, don’t be so quick to call us to fix it! A lot of times, the issue is something extremely easy to fix, like a changed thermostat or a power outage. Other times, these can be actual emergencies that can mean life or death for your AC. Let No Problem tell you about four common AC emergencies in Missouri.

Here are four AC emergencies in Missouri you’ll likely experience:


Screeching noises

Is your AC making more noise than it usually does? AC units are generally pretty quiet, but they can get very noisy when something is wrong. If you’re hearing screeching noises, there are two reasons why that’s happening, and one is much worse than the other. The less serious issue is that the fan belt has become loose. However, it’s possible that the compressor is operating at a high level of pressure. If that’s the case, turn off your AC immediately and call us to repair it.


Blowing warm air

This might be surprising, but your AC shouldn’t be blowing warm air. If it is despite your thermostat being set correctly, then you have a problem. There are a variety of reasons this can be happening. Some of the possible causes include a restriction in the air flow, a lack of electricity to the outside unit, a problem with the compressor/outdoor unit, or a low refrigerant level. You’ll have to call one of our professionals to find the cause.


Burning smell

If there’s ever a burning smell coming from your AC, that’s a sign of a major problem. More often than not, the burning smell is a sign of an electrical problem. Oftentimes something has heated up to the point where it has melted. It’s important to call us as soon as you can so we can take a look. Electrical problems can easily become fires if they go unchecked.


No air

It’s common for an AC in need of repair to not blow any air. There are a wide variety of reasons you’re not getting any air. Sometimes the problem is something as simple as a clogged air filter. However, sometimes the issue can be something far more serious. Before you call us, check over your AC for the more obvious issues. If you still can’t figure out what’s causing your AC problems, call on us to check it out.


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