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AC Installation in Saint Charles

Jul 24, 2020

Check Out a Recent AC Installation Done by No Problem Heating and Cooling in Saint Charles, MO!

No Problem Heating and Cooling is bringing you along to another job! This time headed to a home in Saint Charles for an AC Installation. After receiving a call, No Problem team assigned the job out to a team of talented HVAC technicians. The team quickly made their way over to this Saint Charles home to perform an AC Installation.

Here are 6 signs you need a new AC Installation in Saint Charles, MO:

The AC reached retirement age.

How long have you owned your current AC? According to the National Association of Home Builders, well-maintained AC units can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. If your AC has reached this point and isn’t working like it used to, it might be time to retire it. It may seem like a major cost, but don’t worry! You can use this opportunity to purchase a modern unit that’s more energy efficient.

The AC has a refrigerant leak.

A refrigerant leak is a serious problem with your AC. The leaking coolant can pose a health risk to your family and the water leakage can damage your home. It’s possible to fix serious leaks by getting a new coil, but it might be a sign you should get a new AC.

A repair would cost too much.

Sometimes replacement parts and repairs for your AC don’t justify their high costs. It gets more unappealing when you’re talking about a unit with an expired warranty. If this is the case, you should pick up a new unit and get a new warranty.

Your AC is making strange noises.

Is your AC operating louder than it normally does? AC units are supposed to run quietly, so any grinding, banging, or rattling noises are a major concern. These noises can represent something like a slipped belt or broken motor bearings. If these issues aren’t fixed quickly, you’ll have a costly repair or replacement on your hands.

The AC air isn’t cold.

If you turn on the AC and cool air doesn’t come out within a few minutes, there’s a problem. A wide variety of issues can cause this problem, like low Freon levels or a broken compressor. Whatever the case may be, it’s an obvious sign that your AC has an issue.

Your AC needs frequent repairs.

You may want to keep an AC operational for a good while through repeated repairs. However, doing this may eventually lead you to spend more than you would from getting a replacement. This is more likely if your warranty has expired and isn’t helping with repair costs.

AC Installation Process

The No Problem technicians inspected the old unit. After running diagnostics, it was determined that a new installation would be necessary.

The ac replacement took place on the side of this Saint Charles home. Next, the No Problem experts installed the new AC unit.

After the AC Replacement

After the installation was complete, the No Problem team finished off this Saint Charles AC Installation with an inspection. This ensures that the install was done correctly and the system functioned properly. With a new and improved ac unit your home will be a consistent temperature, providing you cool days and nights. It is more efficient and provides drastic improved air quality over window units and/or fans. They are durable, reliable, and last season after season, providing you lower energy bills and endless comfort. Learn more about the benefits of installing a central AC system in your home here.