Adjust Your Humidity For A Better Night’s Sleep

Can My Furnace Have An Effect On My Sleeping?

They Say one of the most important things you can get is sleeping.  Sleep can affect your mood, health, and happiness. If you are having trouble sleeping you might want to take a look at your heater. We may have a few tips that guard you or at least help get a better night sleep.

You have many experiments you can do with a dehumidifier, humidifier, thermostat, and fans.

We want to ensure all of our values align with a healthy lifestyle for our customers. Your heating and air conditioning can make it a great place or a horrible place to live.

Cool Air Helps the Best.

As we slip into our onesie and get relaxed, our body does some impressive things. Your body temperature will drop naturally to help you relax.  Having your bedroom cool will help your body the most. Experts say that you get the best nights to sleep with your room temperature is between 61 and 68 degrees F. Keeping your room temperature maintained is a pretty easy process. If you try to keep your room that low it could be very negative on costs. Helping you to keep this cool during the summer will be helped by utilizing fans to keep that air moving.

Certain air conditioning systems can help greatly as well. you can get a zone- controlled system. This system will allow you to change the temperature in different rooms. The idea is to bring down the temperature in just the designated room without cooling the entire house. This will allow you to get that cool night sleep with also keeping the energy cost down.

Blame It On The Humidity.

When you have a lot of humidity in your home. The air will feel muggy and thick. This can make it hard to breathe and relax. Even worse a humid house can promote the growth of mold and attract those pesky bugs you try so hard to get rid of. The mold can affect your breathing and will really kill your night sleep.

A room that is too dry can cause your nasal passage to dry up which then it cracks and is scratchy. This is definitely not going to help you sleep through the night. This is why we need to make sure the humidity in your home is in the right range.

What Should The Humidity In Your Home?


Getting the right humidity is going to require a great humidifier. You are going to need to buy a humidifier. The humidifier is going to be an investment that will help your sleep, health and happiness.

If you are looking for the perfect humidity level I would recommend going with Aprilaire. This is a trusted company who has been around since the 50’s.  They take the headache of comfortable living. A whole-home humidifier will make the difference. If will attach next to your furnace and this means it will help your entire house instead of just one room.


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