Air Conditioner Leaks Before Summer Arrives

Heating and Cooling Expenses


Your largest cost is going to be on your air system this means it is the largest bill in your home. Warm air leaking in your house can be like you lighting money on fire. A leak will suck the air out faster than you think.

The weather is perfect here in St. Charles so it is the perfect time to check your home. We want to make sure all the air your air conditioner makes stays in the home.

A guesstimate is the between 20% and 30% of your home’s air is lost through cracks and holes in your home. Taking the time to make sure that your home is properly sealed and insulated will help you conserve that energy. On the opposite side, it will keep air out of the house as well.




Why Should I Seal & Insulate My Home

Just by taking proper steps to make sure your house is sealed and insulated, you will save money and energy. With nothing leaking out, your house will hold the air more efficiently.

Failing to properly insulate and seal your home will allow that cool air to slip on out through windows and doors. This means your HVAC system is running longer to keep the temperature at a constant.

Sealing your home, there is less chance of air escaping. Your system will run less while keeping you nice and comfortable.


Cool Air Escaping

With air, leaks present through your home, cooling cost, and energy usage will increase.

The air leak will cause your home to lose cool air and allow hot air in. The warm air will mix with cool air, causing our home to become very uncomfortable.

How Can I Detect Air Loss


Setting up an appointment with a local heating and cooling company is a great way to decide if your home has any issues.

A cheaper way to discover leaks is by using incense sticks.

Since most of the holes are, small air is moving in and out fast. Walk around your home with the incense and check windows and doors. You will see the smoke move towards or away from the hole immediately.

Once you find a spot where the smoke moves sideways, you have found a trouble spot. Using caulking, spray foam or weather stripping will help seal up that trouble spot. You will have to choose which helps you best.



The department of energy has a great guide on how to detect leaks. Click here.


Bad Insulation Will Allow Heat Inside During The Summer

Having adequate insulation means your system will run less and keep your house cooler. This will result in fewer energy prices. You should check the insulation around your windows, attic and door frames for air leaks. Your attic is probably going to be the worse at finding leaks. So take your time up there.

Ways To Seal Leaks

  • Weatherstripping around doors and windows
  • Close any gaps around your chimney
  • Insulating around any recessed lights
  • Open stud cavities need to be plugged



Take time to seal and insulate your home. Remember saving money monthly is always a great thing. If you think you have major problems contact your local  contractor

If you think of something different let us know.

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