Tips for a cold furnace.

Do not panic we have some solutions before you call a furnace contractor. You can do these things before you call a contractor. I really like this article by home guides about furnace tips, they can really help you if you follow along.


The first thing you need to check is the thermostat. Please make sure it is set to “auto” not “on.” If the thermostat is set to on this will allow your furnace blower to keep running all the time even if the furnace is not heating. If you feel the air coming out of the bents with your furnace is on, you will feel the air that is about room temperature. We recommend using a digital thermostat. Thermostats will save you time and money.

Air Filter

This usually is not the case anymore with new homes. Sometimes when the filter would get too dirty, it would cause the furnace to run harder because it is trying to get air through. This will cause a safety control switch to shut off the burners before you are warming up by a fire in your home. Please keep your filter changed monthly, your lungs will appreciate it.


Furnace Flame Sensor

Generally what will happen is the furnace will come on it will feel nice and toasty. After a few minutes, it will start blowing cold air. A dirty flame sensor is usually to blame in this situation. When the flame sensor is dirty, the gas burners will not stay lit, and this means you need to call a heating and cooling contractor.


You need to go down to the furnace and check the system to see if it was turned off. I know this sounds crazy but sometimes this happens. If you have kids, dogs or had work done, it can be off.

Air Duct Leaks

I included this because being an HVAC contractor I have seen many things. Usually, this only happens if you have a large hole. This will allow cold air from crawl spaces to get in and mess with the temperature.


If you think we are leaving out some important steps please let us know down below so we can include them.


If you think we are leaving out some important steps please let us know down below so we can include them.


Live well and happy!





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