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The most common problem with furnaces is being in the dark about what to do when something goes wrong. This is whereNo Problem Heating and Cooling can help. We are the experts in furnace repairs and installation. Our heating services for the St. Charles area include regular maintenance, cleaning, repair, installation, and emergencies.

All of our technicians are highly skilled and undergo regular training on boilers and furnaces. Part of our business is being able to diagnose any type of home heating problem from an electric or gas furnace.

We use brand name parts for any required repairs while offering affordable furnace replacement services. We understand that heating replacement is a significant home expense. We will always ethically recommend a service, repair, or replacement while keeping in mind the safety of the unit in your home or office.

It’s never great news to hear you need your heating replaced, but we are here to help decrease the expenses you incur to keep your system safe. With regular maintenance through our No Problem Heating and Cooling Club Membership, your unit will perform at its optimum level for years to come. A regularly maintained unit is less likely to require early replacement services.

The Single Stage Furnace

If this is your type of furnace, you associate it with a simple on and off furnace or fan system. However, even a single stage system has a few options such as multiple speeds depending on your home’s unique heat load. With a little help from us, we can make sure that your home furnace is working at its optimum level. For reliable furnace repair in St. Charles, MO, call us today.

The 2-Stage Furnace

If you want to upgrade your heating system, we highly recommend the 2-stage furnace. It is permanently left on because it minimizes wear and tear, which is one of the reasons why a single stage home furnace wears out quickly. Additionally, having a 2-stage furnace installed can equate to a longer life span for your new furnace. They are also less expensive to operate because they use less energy, provided you keep it running low.

The Multi-Speed Furnace

The best home furnace available is the multi-speed furnace because it is programmed to keep the fan constantly adjusting according to the air circulation. When it needs more heating, it will adjust and vice versa. For energy-conscious homeowners, this is the perfect home furnace to invest in.

Our furnace installers are Missouri’s leading experts. Ask us about our No Problem Heating and Cooling Club Membership to make sure maintenance is done regularly, at minimal cost, so your investment is secure and long-lasting.


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We’ll keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not!

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