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Home Air Quality Services in St. Charles, Missouri

Having Trouble Breathing in your Home?

We want a clever way to help keep air quality top of mind. This is something we do not think about. We walk in our homes then we cook spray the dogs, spray the bugs and then go to sleep. In that time, you can accumulate a lot of nastiness in the house. St. Charles, known for new construction because the town is growing. Therefore, the air sometimes can fill with dust and dirt. This clogs up those air filters and really causes headaches for your HVAC system. We provide a list of air quality solutions to help you along the way. You be surprised at how many homes miss the bar when it comes to home air quality.

The CPSC published an article stating that air quality inside homes can sometimes be worse than what is on the outside. That is scary. If you have, a child or a baby growing up this can be a huge factor playing on health. You have to remember we are spending more time indoors now a day. This means we spend that much more time breathing in these toxins. In Maryland heights, we have a toxic waste dump that blows air all over St. Louis and St Charles. Please remember to change those filters.

Causes of Bad Home Air Quality

  • Carbon Monoxide– If you do not have one of these plugged in please drop everything and go get one. This silent killer does not get enough attention. Do not wait till it’s too late. The EPA has a lit published that shows us the common sources of monoxide that you might not even know are dangerous. Space heater or gas stoves are big culprits. Cleaning products containing ammonia, chlorine and other dangerous compounds. We generally clean the house with the windows closed. You spray these toxins all over the house. The Fix- Open a window from time to time.
  • Smoke- I will not sit here and criticize you on smoking cigarettes. I will tell you though for your home it is just as bad. Those toxins are heavy and stay in your house a long time. It is caught in your air filter as well. Therefore, it recycles in your house and you are breathing it with every breath. This is subjecting you to lung cancer at every step.
  • Mold Or Bacterial Problems- This is a very common problem in homes. You sometimes might not ever know it. My wife and I lived in a trailer for a few years, had black mold growing in one of our closets, and never knew it. Have your home checked for mold it can be a real lifesaver.
  • Cleaning- Mom always told you to clean your room. I know it sounds silly but it’s true. Keeping your house clean is a big deal. You let stuff backup in that house and it automatically lowers the quality or air. All that junk piles up then you start throwing things down you would have never done before.
  • Asbestos– Asbestos used in many products and building materials back more than 4,000 years but was commonly used through the 1970’s. Many old homes still contain asbestos-containing materials like pipe insulation, vinyl flooring materials, shingles and siding, wall and ceiling plasters, decorative wall and ceiling textures, roofing materials and more. If you are thinking of redoing or adding anything, you should have it check out by a professional. Please click here to read about asbestos

So How Do I Fix It?

  • HVAC Contractor– Call your local contractor in St. Charles Mo and ask them to come out and speak with you about air quality. They can offer many solutions for you to get on the right path to a clean home.
  • Door Mats– This is a great way to stop people from tracking chemicals from their shoes. A doormat can reduce the amount of dirt, pesticides, and other pollutants from getting into your house.
  • Humidity– Dust mites and mold prosper in moisture. You should try to keep it at a healthy level of about 30%-50%. A dehumidifier can really help reduce this moisture in the air and effectively controls allergens

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