Maintaining Your HVAC System


Tips to Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

This is dedicated to Maintaining Your HVAC System. When you call today we will help you by walking you through some easy steps to Maintaining Your HVAC System yourself. During the winter The unit gets a little bit of a break. We can dress up in the winter so we do not have to run the furnace as much. This doesn’t mean you can slack off. Changing the air filter still needs to be done. Any hvac contractor will tell you the same.
A clean filter, unobstructed venting areas and thermostats among other things will not only provide you with peace of mind during those cold Winter months, but will keep your utility bills down to a minimum.

  • Change your air filter
  • Cover your AC condenser
  • Test your igniter switch
  • Turn on your thermostat

The winter time is coming and we want to make sure that you are prepared. Your first line of defense is going to be taking care of it. Keeping a properly maintained furnace will give you the best results. It gets cold in St. Charles, Mo and when the winter hits we get hit hard.

1. Check your furnace filter and replace it.

Cold winters in St charles, Mo


Before our cold winters hit, ensure the condition of the filter. We recommend a fresh filter before it hits. This will give you the piece of mind knowing your system will have no issues.





2.Switch Your Furnace Thermostat From Cooling to Heating.

Install a nest thermost in St Charles



You should troubleshoot your thermostat just to make sure you do not have any issues with will see a setting that is activatied for cooling. Now is the time to switch it over to heating.



3. Inspect Your Furnace Burner.

Top Furnace Tips


We want to make sure that before you fire it up you give it a good cleaning. The reason this is recommened is throughout the year. Your system will naturally collect dust. When you fire it up this will make life alot easier for you.











Summer Months

Let’s face it, during the Summer months here in the Midwest, it gets HOT! During the HOT Summer months, air conditioners seem to run constantly. After we do an inspection and some maintenance, we will show you not only ways to keep that air coming out of you home’s vents cooler, but your electric bill just as cool.

Below are some tips to help you during the Winter Months, and the Summer months.

Install a programmable thermostat- Installing a programmable thermostat like a NEST. This is a great tool for people who are always gone. So if you are at the Cardinals baseball game and your house is in St Charles. You can get on your phone and adjust the temp in your house. Now a day you can program it from your smart phone. You can even set a schedule for it to run. This is great if you are on vacation or have pets. This is going to save energy and help lower your bills.

Tune your HVAC system equipment yearly. A tune up is important when properly Maintaining Your HVAC System. Yes just like you have heard with your car. Tuning the heating and cooling system is a wonderful way to improve efficiency and comfort. We offer a yearly tune. let us know if you have questions about this.

Change your air filter regularly. Checking your filter should be a monthly thing. At the most every 3 months. A dirty filter is going to slow down air flow. It will cause your system to run harder which will cause long term maintenance problems and increase on the bill monthly.

Seal your heating and cooling ducts. Tests have been done that show systems that are sealed conserve energy up to 20% more efficient – and sometime much more.


These are some easy ways maintaining your furnace and air conditioner can save money. let us know how we can help.