Improve Cooling System Efficiency

If you are an American, you probably think about your bills daily. Summer cooling bills are no different.  The second summer hits your energy bill skyrockets. Your air conditioner plays a major rolling this when that heat wave hits. We have some tips that can help you improve your efficiency from your cooling system.

Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

It is generally easy to improve the efficiency of your cooling system. The items listed below will help ensure your home is cooler and your air conditioner is not running as hard as it could. This will be better for your pockets and our environment.

First. Check your ductwork for holes. You will find ductwork that is exposed or has crack or holes. This will be letting valuable air out that will help keep your home cool.

Second. Keep your curtains and blinds closed during the parts of the day where the sun is knocking on your windows.

Third. Try to use your oven and dryer in the morning or at night. This would mean your air conditioner would not have to run as hard to cool back down your home.

Fourth. Please check every vent in your home and make sure they are clear of any blockages. I would close any of the vents that are being covered. This will allow air to flow better through other vents.

Fifth. Try not to change your thermostat by 2 or 4 degrees. This will help your air conditioner to not run as hard and long to make up for those changes.

Sixth. Take care of your ac system outside. Make sure you have no debris in from of your system. Any debris can distract the system from doing what it needs to do.


Should I Replace My Cooling System?

It is hard to determine if you should just buy a new system or repair the one you have. There are many factors to consider when you are thinking of getting a new system.

  • If your system is constantly breaking downing then it might be time. When it comes to an air conditioner there is no nickel and diming. It is hundreds of dollars and many dimes. If you are getting out the checkbook a lot, you should look at getting a new system.
  • When your compressor breaks and the bill is going to be over $2000, you might want to get a new system. You have to weight your options when it comes to the repair side of things. The cooling system is not cheap to keep repairing.
  • Is your system older than 10 years? This is usually a good indicator that you could start seeing problems with it. The older they get the more expensive they get
  • Is your system an older system that is not as efficient as the new ones? You could be paying a lot more monthly than you should. A new system runs quieter and will help keep monthly bills down.
  • When an HVAC company like No Problem Heating and Cooling comes out, they are going to asses if you are still using R22 Freon. The federal government is working on phasing it out. This has caused the price per pound to jump a lot.


You Can Trouble Shoot Your Air Conditioner

When it comes to your air conditioner, it is very complex. There are a few things you can do at home to troubleshoot your system.

  • Always check your filter. This would be something you should be changing monthly. Keep a clean filter and also help your monthly bills.
  • Check the vents in your house to make sure they have not been closed.
  • You can clean your condenser coil outside.

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