Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostats are a wonderful way to control your house. The Nest thermostat will learn your life and it literally programs itself in a week. It will adapt to your home and allow you full control and comfort of your house. You are stepping into the digital age with the Nest Thermostat. 


Why Should I Buy A Nest Thermostat 


A nest learning thermostat was created by nest labs directly home automation company that’s located in Palo Alto, Ca and the best part is it was co-founded by former Apple engineers. If you’re not constantly adjusting and overriding the programming of your thermostat then you’re not going to really save money. With the nest thermostat, there is no need to manually program because it learns your routine. Hang it on the wall and if you’re out and about going for the weekend the greatest thing is Nest cannot adapt save your money on your heating and cooling while you’re not home.


Nest Thermostat O'fallon, Mo
Nest Thermostat links to all of your smart devices.


 Quick video on installing a Nest thermostat. 


How To Install A Nest Thermostat


Remember nest is a unique piece of technology we’re accustomed to the many many years of seeing a big bulky box hanging on our wall. The hardest part about this is once you get the Nest back play installed is just patching up your wall around it that way you don’t have a big hole.


  1. Turn off your power to your thermostat. You can find this by locating your electrical box. You will flip the breaker for your Air conditioner.
  2. It is always a good idea to label your wires. This will allow you to easily pick what wire goes where. This will also help you on the back end.
  3. Removing your old thermostat should be a breeze. You might need a screwdriver to get it off the wall.
  4. Nest will include a trim plate so it looks nice and fancy. Install this on your wall to cover up the old drill holes.
  5. Next, you attach the base to the wall. Generally, you will install the top screw first then make sure it is level. Once you have it level then screw it all the way down.
  6. Time to connect all of your wires. since you labeled them it will be a breeze to connect to the Nest.
  7. Put on your nest faceplate now. It will just press into the base for easy mounting.
  8. Go back to your breaker and flip the switch. it is time to give it juice.
  9. Your Nest will connect to your WiFi. So Follow along with the instructions and it will connect with ease.
  10. Once you follow all of your instructions you will be able to set your temperature in the house.
  11. Pull out your mobile phone and connect to the app.

Nest Thermostat’s Safety Feature

A safety feature can prevent your home from going above or below temperatures by kicking on the heating or cooling when the limit is reached. This ensures that pipes will not freeze and cause your home damage from heat. This Thermostat follows your settings even when it is off. The safety feature kicks on and off when it feels something is wrong. Remember this is a smart thermostat so it knows what it should and shouldn’t do.

Safety Temperature Notifications

If your room temperature goes above the safety temperature, your thermostat will start cooling. The same goes for the heating, if the temperature drops below the safety temperature, your thermostat will start heating.

 Nest Phone App

As I said when it comes to Nest, they have it all covered. The phone app is incredible. Once you have it connected to your Wi-Fi, it will be controllable from anywhere. once you have installed your thermostat please download the app. This app is going to make your life very simple. it will allow you to control your thermostat from anywhere. You will never have to worry about leaving the dogs home alone on a hot day. your air conditioner will run with ease when using the app.

Schedule – The Nest app will allow you to build a schedule for when you want your system to run and when it should turn off. You will be able to set your temperature and humidity. Set it once and you never have to touch it again

Advanced Fan Control – You can set your fan to turn on and off during set schedules. if you want the AC to blow harder then turn it up.


We highly recommend the nest thermostat if you want to save money on your monthly bills. If you do not believe me check out the  Nest thermostat reviews here.


If you have any ideas on making the thermostat better let us know below. If you are wanting to have one installed call us today, 

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