Portable Humidifiers vs Home Humidifiers.

Many homes in this country use humidifiers all year long. Humidity in your home can be a nightmare. Some of the states in the middle of the map have it bad. We are going to discuss what would make the most sense for your home. A humidifier can improve your air quality and protect your home.


Will A Humidifier Clean My Air?

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There are two kinds of humidifiers on the market. It can be a tough decision on which to buy. We are going to take a quick look and both and decide what works best.



  • A portable humidifier is a movable unit that can be used in an area of a home. They put moisture directly into any room they are in. You can by an ultrasonic, vaporizer or an evaporative. There are great systems that add moisture to your air.


  • Whole home humidifiers work together with your air conditioner or furnace. They help push moisture in the circulated air. We put them in between the air ducts. There are three types of humidifiers in the category first, we have the fan-powered then the bypass and finally the steam humidifier.


What should I buy: A Portable Humidifier or a Whole Home Humidifier?


This can be looked at in many ways. You have benefits with each one. The sure-fire way to tell what kind of system you will need is to have a contract like us come out and test your air quality.  Let’s take a look at some benefits.

  1. As far as efficiency and affordability, you want a whole home system. They consume less energy than a portable system.
  2. You will never see the whole home humidifier. They are hooked up downstairs with your HVAC system.
  3. Now a day the humidifier requires little maintenance. They run off your homes plumbing so the water feeds directly to the unit.
  4. Since the whole home humidifier is connected directly to your air ducts, it can supply your entire house with moisture.

Should I use A Portable Humidifier?

The portable humidifier saves lives daily. It is wonderful because it can be used anywhere. You will be happy you have when grandma sleeps over. These are some good times to use one.

  1. Portable humidifiers are a temporary was of boosting humidity in a certain area of the home. If someone is sick or has irritation due to dry air. This is a great way to help.
  2. This is a great solution for a renter. You don’t need to call the landlord to go to your local Walmart and buy one. If you want to get a good reliable one for cheap this is the best route.

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