Why Is My AC Running All The Time?

The question remains why my ac is running all the time. Sometimes it never crosses your mind. Summers get hot and your system is always running. Your bill raises and you sometimes still get hot. In the dead of summer, this is normal. Your system is going to run all the time. The sun beats down on your roof and heats up your house.


Approaching the summer allows us to troubleshoot the system and see what could be some common causes or repairs. Air conditioners are simple machines that can give us complex problems. We want to discuss ways to either fix or diagnose the problems.

Many reasons that cause your system to run non-stop. It might not have a problem; it might just be that hot. I hope that breaking down some of these steps will allow you to perfect your heating and cooling bills this summer. No one likes to pay more than needed.


Why Does My Ac Running All The Time? 

  1. Air filters are a common fix. You should change your air filter monthly at least. Dirt and dust can clog up your system and cause your air conditioner to run full power. This means more power, more money. The filter stops particles from entering the system that can cause major damage as well. Many major HVAC repairs come from the result of a dirty filter. Not enough air blowing means the system will not remove humidity. This means it is not getting to the temperature you set and it will run over time.
  2. Dirt on your coils will block airflow as well. This causes a loss of efficiency. I hope that from our last posts you know that you should get your system check out seasonally. These condenser coils have to be cleaned because they are feeling the outdoor elements. When you look at the unit, you will see in between the flaps dirt, grass, dust, and bugs. Grab your hose and indirectly spray it off.
  3. Leaks in your system can cause many efficiency problems. We see poor sealing and insufficient insulation all the time. This is going to cause leaks. Leaks mean less air-cooling your home. It is a dog chasing its own tail. The system will never win. Have a heating and cooling contractor come out and inspect your system to see if there are any problems. A dripping leak  actually drips water into the drip pan and it overflows. That is bad news bears. If you used a friend to install your system, I would recommend calling an HVAC tech out to do a full check.
  4. Why is my thermostat not working? Well sometimes, the issue can be right in front of your face. Say your home has reached the temperature you set; the thermostat might not realize the temperature in the home. This can easily cause your A/C to keep running. Usually, thermostats do not run into problems. If you have a thermostat lying around the house. Put it next to your current one and check it periodically. If your thermostat says the house is fine when it is too hot then we know there is a problem with yours. Turn your system off, let it sit then turn it back on. Set the temperature to a few degrees higher or lower than what you would normally do. If it does not do anything then it is time to call a tech.
  5. Your unit simply needs a doctor. We know now that an A/C system needs regular maintenance to run top-notch. You will want to set up a program to have a tech come out twice a year. This is going to be the best system; this will discover any flaws or trouble spots that could lie ahead. They can give you simple tips that will also save you money throughout the year. Ask them to do a food cleaning of your entire system. They will replace any worn out parts or hoses they see not fit. Remember this is like changing the oil on your car. You want to keep it in tip-top shape.
  1. Ac replacement is a big ordeal. Not many folks have money lying around to buy a new unit. I will say they do have a lifespan. It is human-made and full of parts that will not last forever. That old sain comes into play. “It will nickel and dime you to death”.



Should I Buy A New Air Conditioner?

Some companies will try to sell you the moon and back. Our owner Andy always says, “This is a big decision and you shouldn’t be pushed into it”

These new high-efficiency systems use half the electricity that older ones use. You always want to check the SEER rating if you decide to buy one on your own. The higher the SEER rating means the system is more efficient.


Live healthy, live happy.


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