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Increase Your Homes Energy Efficiency

Feb 15, 2019

Home Efficiency with No Problem Heating and Cooling

No matter if it is winter, summer or fall saving money is always a great idea. One of the easiest ways is by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Just because your neighbor bought the most expensive HVAC system on the market doesn’t mean it is any better than yours. You don’t need to go out and but a top-of-the-line system  just to feel energy-efficient. Instead, you can make little tweaks that will help not only your heating and cooling bill; it will help your lifestyle.

Think like this, heating and cooling easily makes up 50% of your energy bill. This means it should put some pep in your step to save money. We are going to discuss ways to help you save money.


If you are a tech person, you know life is changing fast. The HVAC industry is keeping up! You can now get a programmable thermostat. This means when you are not home your heating and cooling system will be off. You can program it to kick on right when you get home, or whenever. You can now run your thermostat from your phone. A nest thermostat will save you money by letting you control the furnace from the other side of the world. You do need a Wi-Fi connection at home for it to connect to.

Home Maintenance

One of the best ways you can influence your heating and cooling bill is your filter. It is recommended to change filters monthly. The filter catches crap so you do not half to breathe it in. When the filter gets dirty, it make your system run harder. When the furnace runs harder it is going to eat away your pocket. Energy efficiency requires hard work. Please change the filter. You can also get a little deeper into cleaning your air. You can buy a special UV light that will help kill other particles that the filter let slip through. If you are experienced, plants are a perfect way to keep your system efficient. We have plants that will help clean your air. We did an article on our earlier post about plants.

Staying healthy is important. Take care of your HVAC system and it will take care of you. Call No Problem today to schedule your service!