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We Are an HVAC Contractor -- Not Your Home Warranty Company

Dealing with your Home Warranty Company and your claim can be complex, so please take a moment to walk through the Home Warranty Claims process. 

Home Warranty Process Video

Once you are scheduled, please take a moment to get familiar with the Home Warranty claims process as described in this video:

Introduction to Your Home Warranty & the Claims Process

This is a complicated process to say the least, but through certification and many experiences of working with Home Warranty Companies, No Problem Heating & Cooling can help you get the most out of your Home Warranty Company claim.

Your Home Warranty Company has had you sign a contract that you need to become familiar with. This contract is sometimes hard to understand but is there for you to rely upon and reference. It is a tool to help you understand what your Home Warranty Company will and will not cover.

It is a common misconception that because you have coverage on a specific item, No Problem Heating & Cooling can send the bill to the Home Warranty Company no matter the circumstances. We are bound by your Home Warranty contract as much as you are.

Upon arrival, your No Problem Warranty Certified Technician will be able to guide you through the issues found on their visit to your home. HVAC systems are complicated, designed to heat and cool your home in a very specific manner. The manufacturer of that equipment has designed your furnace, AC, and evaporator coil to accomplish its job of heating and cooling your home within the manufacturer’s specifications. Any issue outside of the manufacturer’s specifications can be harmful to the system, and sometimes even dangerous to run. Do keep in mind that your HVAC system is a very powerful system that can be dangerous to work on. Luckily, we’re here to help! No Problem never recommends that a customer enter into their HVAC system’s electrical or mechanical components.

Home Warranty Workflow

1) You Have a Problem with Your HVAC Equipment

The first thing to do before opening a claim with your  Home Warranty Company is to verify whether the problem is  your HVAC equipment, plumbing (water heater included), or the electrical system. (Delays can occur when a claim is sent to deploy the wrong professional. Typically the claim process starts over when this happens.)

2) Open a Claim with Your Home Warranty Company

Once you open a claim with your Home Warranty Company, your deductible is due at this time to your Home Warranty Company. A contractor will be dispatched by your Home Warranty Company. (Please note that No Problem Heating & Cooling cannot control who the Home Warranty Company dispatches. It could possibly be another HVAC company.)

3) Wait. (This is the Hardest Part!)

Your Home Warranty Company will send a dispatch through their system. We do not have access to this system and can not do anything to change or speed up how your Home Warranty Company sends out information about your claim.

4) Scheduling of Visit

After No Problem Heating & Cooling receives your claim information from your Home Warranty Company, we will contact you to have the service scheduled. No Problem Heating & Cooling has technicians that spend countless hours in training to assess your HVAC needs and apply those needs to your Home Warranty Company’s coverages.

5) Claim Assessment

No Problem Heating & Cooling must send only a Certified Warranty Claim Specialist to assess your system. This specialist knows how to bill your Home Warranty Company. We are limited on which technicians can assess your HVAC needs and what we can or cannot bill your Home Warranty Company for. It is all based on what your contract covers.

6) Is Your Warranty Claim Over $500?

Yep, more waiting. If the claim exceeds this $500 threshold, your Home Warranty Company requires us to take pictures of the system, gather your system’s information, and submit it to your Home Warranty Company.

7) Warranty Decision on Claim

Depending on the contract you’ve signed with your Home Warranty Company and what it says on that contract, they will notify you and us on their decision with the claim.

8) Approval of Non-Covered Charges

This is a very key part of your Home Warranty process. Your Home Warranty Company will call you, and you will need to approve to pay for the non-covered charges. This is a dollar amount that your contract with them says you as their customer are responsible for.

9) Revisit for Part Replacement or Installation

The Home Warranty Company will purchase the part(s) and/or equipment and send it to No Problem. This can often be a very lengthy wait time, depending on part availability and the mode of shipment decided by your Home Warranty Company. As soon as the part is received from your Home Warranty Company, we’ll call you for installation.

Your Service Visit for a Home Warranty Claim

When visiting your home, No Problem Heating & Cooling will take every step necessary to get your system up and running with respect for your home, your comfort, and as timely as possible. Let’s take a further dive into to your Home Warranty claim visit.

A great way for No Problem to describe the Warranty Claim Process is that as a Home Warranty customer, you’ve given the Home Warranty Company the ability to make decisions for what’s best for your situation, based on your Home Warranty contract. The Home Warranty Company is the very powerful middleman that will be making the ultimate decision on whether No Problem can send them the bill for the sometimes expensive repairs that can arise from your aging HVAC system.

No Problem Heating & Cooling can in no way interfere with the Home Warranty Company’s decision on your claim. We are just the HVAC Contractor. The No Problem Warranty Certified Technician visiting your home can in some cases judge a claim’s likelihood of being approved based No Problem’s long history with the Home Warranty Company, but we can make no guarantees.

  1. While at your home, our HVAC technician will asses the repair. Please make sure the technician can get to the equipment in question.
  2. The technician will speak to you about the repair and any possible Non-Covered Costs determined by your Home Warranty Contract. Please ask the technician about the Upgrade Process.
  3. If Non-covered Costs are present, we are required to collect those from you on the original visit before moving forward with the portion of repairs we CAN send to your Home Warranty Company.
  4. If the claim amount is over $500, we are obligated to submit all information and pictures to the Home Warranty Company before moving forward.
  5. Depending on the previous assessment, the repair is made, and we’ll be on our way!

The Upgrade Process: Take Your Power Back

Now that we have established an understanding of our visit to your home, and your Home Warranty Company’s established processes, a question may arise: What can you do to capitalize on your Warranty Claim? The answer is simple: The Upgrade Process. While responding to the claim at your home, your No Problem Warranty Certified Technician will likely find issues with your equipment. These issues can be addressed in two separate ways:

1) Take the Repair

You can accept the repair, which will typically return your equipment back to the state it was in when you started with your Home Warranty Company.

2) Upgrade!

We now have the opportunity to take the dollar amount from the claim and put it toward a No Problem Heating & Cooling System.

This is the best way for a customer to take the decision-making away from the Home Warranty Company and put it back in their own hands.

No Problem Heating & Cooling loves visiting your home, and we look forward to every opportunity to service your equipment and provide you with our renowned 5-Star service. We also feel (in most cases) with a No Problem System, it’s the best way to ensure you are not left to the extremes that Missouri weather has to offer. When replacing a part in your AC or furnace, every part surrounding and aiding the part is just as old as the system itself. No Problem honestly feels that best way we as a company can take care of our customers is to replace your equipment to keep from costly and timely repeat visits. The No Problem Warranty Certified Technician will do everything they can to get your old system up and running, but we unfortunately can’t predict the future. If reliability and comfort are a concern, a No Problem Heating & Cooling System may be the right decision for your warranty claim. Why take what money you CAN get out of your warranty company, just to bring you back to the same position your HVAC equipment started when you elected to get a Home Warranty?

Warranty Claim Denials

Uh-oh! This is the worst possible scenario for your claim with your Home Warranty Company. When this occurs, the Home Warranty Company has denied No Problem Heating & Cooling from replacing or repairing your system and possibly left you, their customer, in a bad spot. Please understand, we are here with you!

A denial of your claim with your Home Warranty Company also denies No Problem from billing them for the repair or replacement. Your Home Warranty Company claim, once denied by their Authorization Department, is no longer able to be utilized by you (the customer) and billed upon by No Problem Heating & Cooling.

Remember, as a Home Warranty customer, you’ve given the Home Warranty Company the ability to make decisions for what’s best for your situation, based on the Home Warranty contract that you signed.

No Problem Heating & Cooling is not a Home Warranty Company nor do we represent your Home Warranty Company. We are just an HVAC contractor assessing your problem and trying to do the best for you. The decision on your Home Warranty Claim is out of our hands.