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Blue-Tube UV Light for Better Indoor Air Quality

In 1903 a Nobel Prize In medicine was given to Niels Finsen for the use of ultraviolet lights in the treatment of tuberculosis. Over time we have adapted the UV light for many different applications. They use UV lights to sterilize water, sterilize hospital equipment, and even germ lamps in food establishments. In homes, Blue Tube UV lights effectively eliminate bacteria in air ducts, resulting in fresher indoor air quality and improved cleanliness.

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Blue-Tube UV is Very Effective in Improving Indoor Air Quality

Does Blue-Tube UV Light Work?

Blue Tube UV Germicidal UV Light System

Yes, it really does work! For years, No Problem Heating & Cooling has been installing Blue-Tube UV lights in homes in St Charles and St Louis. This is the original low-voltage UV light system. We have found the Blue-Tube UV to be the most effective when it comes to killing bacteria in your air ducts. This system kills over 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens after the first 24 hours of use. After the installation of a Blue-Tube UV, you will start to notice fresher air in your home.

Should I Buy a Blue-Tube UV Light?

We don’t recommend just any light. The Fresh-Air Blue-Tube UV light we recommend has an award-winning patent for being the original low voltage light kit for your HVAC system. The makers of the light are so confident in the light that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Your HVAC system is made up of coils. Mold loves to live in the cold, most inside of your air conditioner. The Blue Tube UV light has proven its effectiveness at killing mold and other contaminants. When you have mold built up on your coil, it can shorten the life of the system and reduce efficiency. It can also cause the spread of these contaminants in your home, causing allergies and health issues to those with sensitivities to mold.

A UV light turbocharges your HVAC system’s cleaning capabilities, making it a vital addition, especially for households with children, pets, or ongoing construction projects. Elevate your indoor air quality by adding a UV light to your HVAC setup.


APCO UV Light Clean Coils

Contact the HVAC and Indoor Air Quality experts at No Problem Heating and Cooling today about how to incorporate Blue-Light UV into your HVAC system.

Blue-Tube UV Light in HVAC System

Fresh-Aire UV Lights Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your air filter alone is not going to be enough to stop all the unhealthy particles from getting into your home. Yes, the filter is a great stopper and is the front line for stopping larger particles. The problem is there is more waste in your home than on the inside. When you ad a UV Light you are supercharging the cleaning portion of your HVAC system. If you have kids with health issues, pets, or a construction worker in the house it would be a major improvement to have a UV light. Watch this video for information on the Fresh-Aire UV APCO Whole-House Air Purifier, and if you have any questions, contact No Problem Heating and Cooling.

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