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How to Keep the Upstairs of Your Home Cooler?

Feb 15, 2019

Tips To Cooling Down Your Upstairs

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You know how nice and comfortable the lower level of the house is. Feels so great. You decide I want to put on some stretchy pants and relax. You head upstairs and it is hotter than an oven. Keeping the upstairs cooler is tough, however. Here are a few things you can do in your home: 

Keep shades and drapes closed

It’s important to remember that sunlight is beating down on your house all day long. That heat warms the side of the house so it naturally increases in temperature. Those windows that you have hold heat, just like your car. when you go to sit in it and it is steaming hot. Think of your house the same way.  TIP If you can’t stand the heat and do not have any drapes or curtains, you can consider window tinting. This is an amazing way to keep the heat out of the house. In the winter it can also prevent heat from escaping. We highly recommend Custom Tint Solutions. Click on this website link to contact them. When you call, ask for Joe S. They also have locations in Austin TX, San Antonio TX and St. Louis MO.

Keep lights off

Leaving your lights on wastes energy, which creates heat. -TIP- A great way to conserve energy is energy-saving bulbs. You can also use a dimmer switch which will allow you to turn down the lights.

Opening and closing registers

Closing vents can cause problems in the long run, so it’s important to be careful. Your health and well being is important. Especially when it comes to kids. If you are sleeping upstairs and it is one of those 100 degree nights like St. Louis gets. I would close a few vents my self. Just open then back up when you go downstairs.

Floor Fans

Fans are a great way to circulate air throughout a room. Although they don’t exactly lower the temp, they can help move cold air around.

Drastic Changes

  1. Windows- Consider replacing your windows. Low E glass or triple pained windows are the best. TIP If you have cracks or space between the windows and the walls, this will allow hot air or cool air to escape like that spider you covered last night with that favorite wine glass.  Even if you don’t upgrade your glass, make sure to cover any structural spots that need taken care of.
  2. Duct or ceiling fans –Replacing the AC register covers with register fans forces air out the upstairs ducts. You can call us to have them installed. TIP Add some ceiling fans to your upstairs rooms.